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Things About Dachshund and Dachshund Art

Dachshunds also known as Doxie, Weenie or Wiener dogs are a lovable dog specie that you can have as a friend. This article is meant to inform you about cute and funny facts about Dachshunds and why these puppies are being incorporated into artistic design especially for dog lovers.

They are fierce and stubborn hunters.

These breed were known for their hunting skills. They were bred to hunt badgers and other smaller animals. The name Dachshund, literally translates to "Badger dog". They are the smallest hound in the world.

They love digging and burrowing.

Since they were originally bred for hunting, the Dachshund loves burrowing and digging. The shape and size made them perfect for burrowing into badger homes.

Dachshunds - a perfect watch dog.

Some features of the Dachshund include great vision, hearing and alertness. These qualities make them good watch dogs. They are known to see quite farther and have a great sense of smell too. You could have them as watch dogs at home. They could be aggressive too.

Did you know? A Dachshund was once the face of an Olympic Game!

Yes! A Dachshund known as Waldie was the first Olympic Games mascot in 1972. The beautiful build of the Weenie influenced this decision by the then designers.

The silhouette of the Dachshunds have also made it perfect for designs on several items, jewelry, tees and gifts. You are welcome to visit the WeeShopyDog store and browse through our wide selection of Original Dachshund Jewelry Designs (or check out the Main Menu at the top of this page for other Dachshund designs).

They are popular and lovable.

History has it that the Queen Victoria really loved them. She was a dog lover but the Doxies won her heart. Also, the Dachshunds are quite popular in the United States too. They have always made a top 15 of American Kennel Club's most popular dog ranking for the past 5 years. This general acceptability of these hounds makes designers incorporate them into their art.

Wiener dogs have always been featured in artistic work.

Andy Warhol, a great American visual artist loved dachshunds that he had two them. He made a painting of Archie in 1976.  Also, the great Picasso illustrated the story of his Doxie in his book titled the "Picasso and Lump: A Dachshund's Odyssey". He did infuse Lump in his painting as Lump was the most loved out of all his dogs. Similarly, Gary Larson, the author of Wiener Dog Art, a collection of art works which included Weenies. Other designers have added it on to their crafts as Weenies are painted on apparels, gifts and prints.

Dachshunds are beautiful dogs and they definitely have found their way into influencing art through their build and character. We, at WeeShopyDog - The Dachshund Boutique, also inspired by the Dachshunds dog so we made a variety of Dachshund designs. We have a rich selection of Dachshund Jewelry and Doxie line art designs on Apparel and Printed Gifts.